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Wiwynn ® 19" Project Olympus Products Series

OCP Project Olypmus and Wiwynn WiRack19

Wiwynn’s Olympus 19” rack products are designed in accordance with the specification laid out in the OCP Project Olympus modular system architecture brief. Originally designed by Microsoft this architecture is intended to allow customers to quickly and easily introduce new hardware into data centers. Project Olympus is intended to enable the OCP community to further explore, invent, collaborate, enhance, and produce great solutions for customers using modular building blocks.

Innovative PMDU and PDU design

The Power and Management Distribution Unit (PMDU) allows each system to be configured, mixed and matched to meet customers’ unique demands. When server sleds are inserted into the rack, they blindly mate up with the PMDU which provides the required power. The Wiwynn SR2000G2 rack ensures better efficiency by delivering three-phase power to each individual server, which is up to 97% efficient with only 3% conversion loss. Additionally, it provides phase balancing to each server depending on the different workloads.

The Project Olympus racks have inherited the design concepts of OCP and step up the development of open source hardware including 1U/2U servers and high-density storage by adopting universal motherboard, high-availability power supply, PMDU, and rack management modules to meet specific datacenter configurations. One of the biggest difference between Olympus Rack products and other OCP products is their footprint: Olympus Rack products are designed to fit in 19” racks, while Wiwynn’s Open Rack products require a 21” rack. This means that customers can replace an existing 19” rack installation with an Olympus Rack installation with minimum disruption.

Wiwynn’s Olympus product series meet the base specification by delivering modular products that can be combined to build up complete racks that suit customer’s particular needs.


1U Project Olympus Server

Based on Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family, performance optimized 1U Project Olympus server for multi-purpose applications

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OCP Network Mezzanine Cards


OCP 10G NIC with Dual RJ45 Ports

Dual-port 10GbE OCP mezzanine card with low cost, low power, enhancing features and performance.

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OCP 1G NIC with Dual RJ45 Ports

Dual-port 1GbE OCP mezzanine card with low cost, low power, enhancing features and performance.

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PCIe 3.0 Cards for Storage


PCIe M.2 Storage card

Designed in low profile form factor, the PCIe 3.0 M.2 carrier card offers affordable costs to expand your system’s storage. (For Project Olympus server)

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42U Project Olympus Rack

New generation hyper-scale rack focusing on modularity, cost and power efficiency, and global datacenter interoperability.

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