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Wiwynn Fit Your Needs - RSD Enabled Products

What is Intel Rack Scale Design?     

Although modern development of cloud computing allows server virtualization on a physical node, resource in a node, such as CPU, storage, memory, could fall short for some applications while others are excessive in utilization.

Some applications are more computation power hungry, while the others in need of storage space. Hence, the demand of flexibly composing a node with extensible resources has grown to address the resource optimization. 

Intel Rack Scale Design is a logical architecture that enables scalable pooled resources and minimizes underutilization. 

Simply put, Intel RSD unlocks resources from physical servers, creates virtual pools of resource, applies resources to application workloads, composes resources and reconfigures as requirements change. 

Wiwynn Cluster Manager and Intel RSD 

As a leading hardware provider in the industry, Wiwynn has been working closely with Intel to realizing the flexibility of composing a node.

Wiwynn implements features of Rack Scale Design and integrates Wiwynn Cluster Manager to realize software-defined data centers. Wiwynn is the only player that finishes RSD integration and NVMe pooling. 

Other Resources 

  Design Concept (2017.04.26)
Operatoring UI (2017.09.05)

Wiwynn RSD Enabled Products 

Intel Xeon Drawer

*Each 2OU (Open Rack) space can mount 3 OCP servers


2U OCP server

Based on Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family. Performance optimized 2U 3Node OCP server for computing-intensive applications

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2U OCP server

Based on Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family, performance optimized 2U 3Node OCP server

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2U OCP Server

Based on Intel E5-2600 V4 processors, OCP server features high computing power and optimized power efficiency

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NVMe Drawer


2U All-Flash NVMe JBOF

The leading All-Flash NVMe Storage in the industry, featuring up to 30 NVMe SSDs

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Storage Brick


1U Multi-purpose Server

Based on Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family, cost-performance and capacity optimized 1U server

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System Software

Cluster Manager

System Software for Datacenter Management

The Smart Manager for real-time management of data centers and large resources.

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