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Wiwynn® LN1148-10SL (1U TOR 10G Switch with Marvell processor)


TOR 10G Switch (Marvell processor)

A high performance top-of-rack (TOR) switch, the best choice for next-generation data centers
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Top of the rack switch
Powered by Marvell® 98CX8297 (Lion2) switch fabric controller and MV78460 (ARMADA® XP) quad-core ARM processor, the Wiwynn LN1148-10SL is a high-speed, power-efficient, SDN-capable Top-of-Rack (TOR) Ethernet switch that delivers best-in-class networking performance and rack integration flexibility.
High performance, Low power
With forty-eight 10Gbit/s SFP+ ports plus four 40Gbit/s QSFP uplink ports in a compact 1U package, Wiwynn LN1148-10SL achieves wire-speed, full-duplex L2/L3/L4 switching for as low as 180 watts of power consumption, by utilizing 640Gb/s backplane bandwidth and advanced transmission/reception auto-tuning capabilities of the 98CX8297 fabric.
High availability
Wiwynn LN1148-10SL maximizes service availability by supporting Wiwynn’s Multi-chassis Link Aggregation (MLAG) function for high availability and bandwidth aggregation needs. Other high availability features include redundant power supply units and cooling fans.
Software-defined networking
With its OpenFlow v1.3 functionalities, Wiwynn LN1148-10SL serves as the cornerstone for emerging software/service defined networking (SDN) application cases. Seamlessly interoperable with Wiwynn® Cluster Manager with a built-in SDN controller, as well as Wiwynn’s full portfolio of server/storage building blocks, Wiwynn LN1148-10SL is the best connectivity solution for Wiwynn’s workload optimized rack architecture to fulfill modern data center demands.
Processor Marvell® MV78460 (quad-core) ARM v7 processor (1.33/1.6 GHz)
Switch Fabric Marvell 98CX8297 (10G/40G) 1.28Tbps
Memory 2GB
LAN Forty-eight 10Gb SFP+
Four 40G QSFP
IO Ports One USB 2.0 port
One RJ45 port
One 1GbE management port
Power Supply Two 550W hot-plug high-efficiency
Dimensions 1U rack;
43.5 (H) * (445 (W) * 432.6 (D) (mm)
Weight 8.5kg
Power Consumption 100W (Idle); 180W (Max)
L2 Features

  1. Support Flow Control (IEEE802.3x for full duplex mode)
  2. Support VLAN (up to 4094 VLANs)
  3. Support Link Aggregation
  4. Support MLAG (Multi-chassis Link Aggregation)
  5. Support LLDP
  6. Provide Port Mirror (Many-to-1)
  7. Support MAC (forwarding) Table Control
  8. Support ARP Table Control
  9. Support STP / RSTP

L3 Routing Features

  1. Support Maximum (IPv4): 12K
  2. Support OSPFv2
  3. Support OSPF/ECMP
  4. Support VLAN Routing
  5. Support IP Routing
  6. Support DHCP-Relay


  1. Command Line Interface
  2. SSH / Telnet remote login
  3. SNMP v1/v2c
  4. Syslog
  5. NTP
  6. Support DHCP client on management port


  1. L2/L3/L4 ACL
  3. Provide broadcast, unicast, multicast storm protection

Quality of Service

  1. 802.1p based CoS
  2. Priority queues per port

Open Flow

  1. Support v1.0 / v1.3 protocol
  2. 1K flow table
  3. Support drop / port redirection action
  4. Support MAC replace action
  5. Support counter statistics

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