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Wiwynn® SR1000 (42U Open Rack with RMC)

SR1000 (1 Power Shelf)  / SR1200 (2 Power Shelves) 


42U Open Rack with RMC

Wiwynn WiRack21's Smart Rack with an intelligent power shelf management.
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Centralized power shelf for better power efficiency
Wiwynn SR1000 has a centralized power shelf on rack instead of multiple power supply units in the server chassis. All nodes share this centralized power shelf, thus, providing higher energy efficiency while lowering capital costs. Compared to conventional 19-inch rack, this has more space with higher computation density, greater storage capacity and increased air flow for improved cooling efficiency.
Open Rack design to simplify power cabling and maintenance
With the signature bus bar and tool-less rack designs, cabling and maintenance efforts for Wiwynn SR1000 are reduced to a minimum, enabling our customers to focus more on improving rack deployment, configuration efficiency and further reduction of OPEX. As a matter of fact, a data center full of vanity-free Wiwynn WiRack21 servers can be 38% more efficient and 24% less expensive to build and run than other state-of-the-art data centers.
Optimum power utilization through remote manageability
Through the optional Wiwynn Rack Management Controller (RMC), data center administrators can remotely monitor rack-level power utilization and PSUs health. RMC also allows the administrators to turn individual PSU on/o and change whole-rack power policy from a remote location. In case of critical events, RMC can notify administrators via multiple channels. Furthermore, RMC can intelligently control and excise the PSUs in the power shelf to keep power conversion efficiency in an optimized level.
Extensibility to incorporate with modern DCIM functionalities
The optional RMC provides multiple industry- standard interfaces that allow data center administrators to integrate it with their own data center infrastructure management (DCIM) functionalities. Wiwynn Cluster Manager, Wiwynn’s DCIM product, works seamlessly with RMC using RMCP+. The RMC extends Cluster Manager’s ability by providing additional information and controls. For example, Cluster Manager coordinates workload migration among racks to optimize power utilization for the whole data center.
Chassis SKU 21" Open Compute Rack
Dimensions 1066.8 (D) x 600 (W) x 2220 (H) mm
Weight 242 Kg (Dry Weight)
Inner Space 42 OU (including one 3.5U power shelf and BBU, 2U switch and 0.5U bracket)
AC 3P4W 180~264 VAC 50A
DC 12V
Power Consumption 12.5KW
Power Supply (5+1) Delta 2400W 12V output
Regulatory UL60950-1 / EN60950-1:2006 / IEC60950-1
Manageability Integrated Embedded Controller with Gigabit Ethernet for remote manageability Managing rack information (voltage, watt, current, fan, status) Monitoring power supply unit & cooling fan health status Controlling PSU on/off, fan speed Instrumentation of Power output & Power efficiency Statistics of Meters / Event Logs

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