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Wiwynn® ST7110G2-30A (2U SAS12G JBOD/JBOF)

ST7110G2-30A (12G) ST7110-30A (6G)  / ST7110-30C (Cold)

2U OCP SAS12G Storage (2U30Bay)

The leading SAS12G JBOD/JBOF storage in the industry, featuring up to 30 hot-pluggable HDD/SSDs with redundant data paths

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High-density SAS12G storage system
With an impressive storage capacity of 30 drives or SSDs in a 2U chassis, Wiwynn ST7110G2-30A stands out from other JBOD/JBOF storage systems as having the highest storage density in the industry.
Tool-less design for easy maintenance
Wiwynn ST7110G2-30A drawer-like innovative design allows housing for 15 bays in each tray or a total of 30 bays for the whole system. Its creative and practical design allows users to upgrade, maintain and replace with ease.
Hot-pluggable Drives
Without interrupting ongoing tasks or applications, the hot-pluggable drives on Wiwynn ST7110G2-30A can be swapped immediately when drive failures occur, saving lots of time and eort for maintenance and repair.
Full redundant data path
This high-density storage system is designed with redundant controllers to provide full redundant data path.
Redundant cooling for high availability
Wiwynn ST7110G2-30A supports high availability with hot-pluggable fans and redundant cooling system.
Expander SAS12G expander
Storage Thirty 3.5" hot-plug drive bays (fifteen per tray): ● SAS/SATA SSD with 2.5" drive cage ● SAS HDD (10K rpm) ● Nearline SAS HDD (7.2K rpm) ● SATA HDD (7.2K rpm) Two INT mini-SAS 12G (SASx4) HD ports Two EXT mini-SAS 12G (SASx4) HD ports
Remote Management SES, SMP
Power Supply Centralized 12V DC bus bar
Dimensions 2 OU Rack; 93.5 (H) * 536 (W) * 795 (D) (mm)
Weight 38 kg ~ 55 kg


Highest storage density and easy maintenance.

Store, manage and retrieve precious information through the highest storage density and easy-to-maintain systems.



High performance with power consumption.

Balance high performance with power consumption to store and process complex data and minimize data movement.

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