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Wiwynn® SV7110 (2U OCP Storage Server)


2U Open Storage Server

The cost-effective micro server for large capacity storage applications.
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Micro server for large capacity storage applications
Designed to support up to 30 SAS hard drives in a 2U chassis, Wiwynn SV7110 stands out from other storage servers with the highest storage density in the industry. In addition, Wiwynn SV7110 is not just a storage subsystem but also a computing server with up to two Intel® Avoton server nodes.
Hot-plug HDDs
Without interrupting the ongoing tasks or applications, the hot-plug hard drives on Wiwynn SV7110 can be swapped immediately when drive failures occur.
Tool-less design for easy maintenance
Wiwynn SV7110 supports 15 hard drives per node (or a total of 30 HDDs per system). Its tool-less design makes it easy to maintain and repair.
Hot-plug and redundant cooling for high availability
Wiwynn SV7110 supports high availability with hot-plug hard drives and redundant cooling.
Chassis SKU One Intel® SoC CPU with one JBOD
Processor Intel® Atom C2000 series
Memory Up to 32GB; 2GB/4GB/8GB
DDR3 up to 1600MT/s; 4 DIMM Slots
Expander SAS 12G Expander
Storage Thirty 3.5" hot-plug drive bays: ● SAS HDD (10K rpm) ● Nearline SAS HDD (7.2K rpm) ● SATA HDD (7.2K rpm) One EXT mini-SAS 12G port
IO Ports One USB2.0 port
Remote Management IPMI V2.0 compliant
Remote Management Controller (option)
Expansion Slots One PCI-E x8 mezzanine slot:
● Single 10GbE SFP+ port
Power Supply Centralized 12V DC bus bar
Power Consumption 305W (Idle); 422W (Max)
Dimensions 2 OU Rack;
93.5 (H) * 536 (W) * 878 (D) (mm)
Weight 38 kg ~ 55 kg
OS Support List CentOS 6.x (64 bits)


Highest storage density and easy maintenance

Store, manage and retrieve precious information through the highest storage density and easy-to-maintain systems.


 RSD Enabled Products

Racks and System Software

Intel® Rack Scale Design is a logical architecture that enables scalable pooled resources and minimizes underutilization.

What is Intel Rack Scale Design?     

Although modern development of cloud computing allows server virtualization on a physical node, resource in a node, such as CPU, storage, memory, could fall short for some applications while others are excessive in utilization.

Some applications are more computation power hungry, while the others in need of storage space. Hence, the demand of flexibly composing a node with extensible resources has grown to address the resource optimization. 

Intel Rack Scale Design is a logical architecture that enables scalable pooled resources and minimizes underutilization. 

Simply put, Intel RSD unlocks resources from physical servers, creates virtual pools of resource, applies resources to application workloads, composes resources and reconfigures as requirements change. 

Wiwynn Cluster Manager and Intel RSD 

As a leading hardware provider in the industry, Wiwynn has been working closely with Intel to realizing the flexibility of composing a node.

Wiwynn implements features of Rack Scale Design and integrates Wiwynn Cluster Manager to realize software-defined data centers. Wiwynn is the only player that finishes RSD integration and NVMe pooling. 

Other Resources 

Whitepaper (2017.10.20)
Design Concept (2017.04.26)
Operatoring UI (2017.09.05)

Wiwynn RSD Enabled Products 


Category File Title Release Date Actions
Datasheet Datasheet - SV7110 2016/08/03 Download
User Manual User Manual - SV7110 2015/12/24 Download
User Manual BMC User Manual - SV7110 2015/04/24 Download
User Manual BIOS User Manual - SV7110 2015/01/28 Download