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Products & Services

Web Server

High-computing and high power efficiency.
Bandwidth throttling to limit the speed of responses. Support web applications and web services with the compact combination of High-computing and high power efficiency.
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Highest storage density and easy maintenance.
Store, manage and retrieve precious information through the highest storage density and easy-to-maintain systems.
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High performance with power consumption.
Balance high performance with power consumption to store and process complex data and minimize data movement.
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Cold Storage

High capacity at the competitive price point.
Store cold data with high capacity extremes at a competitive price point.
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Data Center Management

Racks and System Software
Rack level management products for next generation data center architectures
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Service & Integration

Practical Innovation for Tangible Business Results.
Architectural design, application development, implementation and management to address the business and technical views required for the cloud to enable business goals.