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Products & Services


19" Server and Storage Products
Optimize the data center manageability, maintainability, computing performance, and Total Cost Ownership with its best scale vs. efficiency solution from server to rack.
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Open Compute Project
Allows greater flexibility for your applications.
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Accessory PCIe Cards for Network and Storage
Providing various network cards and storage cards for diverse choices of rack infrastructure
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Integration & Service

Private Cloud and Virtualization
Provide a controlled and secure virtual private cloud or a virtual private datacenter for an independent, scalable environment.
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Project Olympus

Modular 19" building blocks
The Project Olympus has inherited the design concepts of OCP and step up the development of open source hardware including 1U/2U servers and high-density storage by adopting universal motherboard, high-availability power supply, PMDU, and rack management modules to meet specific datacenter configurations.
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Service & Integration

Practical innovations for tangible business results
Architectural design, application development, implementation and management address the business and technical concerns for the cloud to achieve business goals.