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Company Overview

Wiwynn's Beginnings

Wiwynn Corporation's evolution into a leading cloud services company comes from years of step-by-step development within Wistron Corporation. Before cloud computing Wistron Corporation was a global leader for various product categories including servers and storage. From this strong base, Wistron focused heavily on building the extensive infrastructure and experienced teams dedicated to support cloud computing business. While supporting our cloud related clients with experienced engineering teams on one hand, Wistron worked closely with partners such as ITRI on cloud related projects to expand our experience and industry relations. The goal was to grow our capabilities to support clients.

As the next step, to consolidate our business support for clients in cloud industry, Wiwynn was established. While in a unique position to leverage the strengths of the Wistron group, the establishment of Wiwynn Corporation shows Wistron's determination to focus on cloud computing business. Inheriting the strengths from Wistron and building new capabilities, Wiwynn will continue investments in all related client support for Cloud Computing to build even higher levels of support for clients.


A value partner for customers in Cloud Service Business.


Provide best TCO , workload optimized IT solutions for Data Center.

New Generation Business Model

Wiwynn is a new generation of Wistron’s business model, introduced to more effectively meet the needs of our clients. We are a dedicated cloud services company with the backing of Wistron Corporation, allowing us to fully leverage the global support infrastructure.

Wiwynn Corporation’s business model is a unique combination of the global infrastructure and dedicated, in-depth cloud support built on Wistron’s teams, systems, and experience. As a result, Wiwynn is able to provide personalized project support and collaboration while managing large scale global implementation.

This level of support and collaboration is critical to allow our clients to meet rapidly changing market demands. Our organization is dedicated to supporting the evolving standards and requirements to meet new expectations in cloud computing. We are a cloud-enabling service company, providing end-to-end integrated solutions to enterprises who are looking to build, distribute, or resell cloud services to their clients.