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Wiwynn Unveils the Field-Proven Facebook Leopard Motherboard in 19-inch 2U High-density Servers

(March 9, 2016, Taipei) Wiwynn proudly presents SV324G2, a new generation of reliable high-density servers designed with the Facebook contributed Open Compute Leopard (Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 V3) motherboard in a 19-inch 2U chassis.

“Leopard is an important contribution within the OCP Server Project. With Wiwynn’s support and development, existing and potential adopters of OCP technology now have the choice of one of a series of 19-inch Carmel* servers using Leopard,” said Jason Taylor, Chairman and President of the Open Compute Project Foundation, and VP of Infrastructure at Facebook.

*Carmel server chassis satisfies all standard emissions and safety compliance requirements.

Servers with Leopard motherboards assure energy efficiency, high reliability and cost effectiveness for data centers using 19-inch racks. Now is a good opportunity for data centers opting for higher cost-performance indexes to enjoy the benefits of OCP products.

The tool-less system design concept simplifies maintenance and replacement of server sleds, SSDs, fan modules and PSUs.

The 2U-4Node architecture comprises of four high-performance nodes in a 2U system. Each node hosts one full-height half-length PCIe add-on card and one 9.5mm thick hot-swap SSD.

The 2U-2Node architecture hosts up to three full-height half-length PCIe add-on cards, and supports six hot-swap SSDs.

Steven Lu, Chief Marketing of Wiwynn said “I am thrilled by the prospect of integrating OCP platforms into 19-inch racks where customers can now enjoy all the benefits of OCP such as reliability and cost effective performance within their existing rack infrastructure.”

Visit Wiwynn’s booth C2 at the OCP U.S. Summit 2016 in San Jose, CA. and check out our new products and technologies. Find out more about our product information in our website www.wiwynn.com.

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