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Wiwynn Debuts Open CloudServer Specification v2 Solution at the OCP European Summit

(October 30, 2014, Taipei) Wiwynn Corporation proudly announces today the showcase of its newest server model Wiwynn® SV5270G2 at the OCP European Summit. Wiwynn® SV5270G2 is the first server based on Microsoft’s OCS specification v2.

Based on OCS specifications v2, Wiwynn® WiRack19 and Wiwynn® SV5270G2 highlight high density, streamline and efficiency design concepts in a standard 19-inch rack. Relocating power supply units and fans from servers to rack further enhances overall high availability, manageability and maintenance. With blind mate design and intra-rack connection in the architecture, the cable routing during installation and replacement is eliminated, which minimizes service interruptions caused by operational errors.

With two Intel® Xeon® (E5-2600 V3 series) processors, AVX2 command set, and, a maximum of 1024GB DDR4 memory, Wiwynn SV5270G2 provides high computing performance with enhanced power efficiency to significantly reduce operating costs.

To meet various customer requirements, Wiwynn® SV5270G2 offers two major configurations:

● With four 3.5-inch hard drives plus four SSDs for high computing power, data access speed and storage capacity.

● With a RAID card and two external mini-SAS HD ports for external storage connections.

Emily Hong, Wiwynn President, expressed “Wiwynn has been committed to providing optimized datacenter solutions. The joint development of the OCS specification v2 server is well aligned with our mission. We are pleased to offer to the OCP community another family of innovative quality products.”

Kushagra Vaid, General Manager of Server Engineering at Microsoft, “I am impressed that just nine months after Microsoft contributed the OCS specification v1 to the OCP community in early 2014, Wiwynn is ready to introduce its new OCS specification v2 server featuring DDR4 memory and Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 V3 processors. Wiwynn shows its support and determination to foster more efficient datacenters.”

In addition, Wiwynn leads the industry to launch SV7220G2, the world's first OCP C&I (Compliance and Interoperability) certified Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 server, a sequel to its launching of the world's first OCP C&I certified server in January 2014. Powered by the latest Intel processors, SV7220G2 family also hosts up to 6 SSDs to satisfy the applications of high computing performance and high-speed I/O access.

We sincerely welcome you to see our products and visit us at T2 booth at the OCP European Summit in Paris, France from Oct. 30th to 31st, 2014.

Wiwynn Corporation, a spin-off from Wistron group, is a fast-growing cloud infrastructure provider developing high-density computing and storage products for leading data centers. In addition, Wiwynn provides enterprises with fast-deployment, reliable and ready-to-use cloud appliances to accelerate the transformation of cloud infrastructure.

Visit our website www.wiwynn.com for more details.