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Wiwynn Unveils Industry’s First PCIe Gen4 Enabled Compute Accelerator with Broadcom’s PEX88000 PCIe Gen4 Switch Family at OCP US Summit


San Jose, CA, Mar. 19, 2018— Wiwynn®, an innovative cloud IT infrastructure provider of high quality computing and storage products, plus rack solutions for data centers, today unveils its 4U disaggregated compute accelerator—XC200G2 with Broadcom’s industry first PCIe Gen4 switch—PEX88000 family to address the growing demand of deep learning and HPC applications. Wiwynn is showcasing XC200G2 at OCP US Summit 2018 in San Jose Convention Center, booth #A15, March 20-21 and welcomes visitors to explore the next generation solution.

The Wiwynn XC200G2 is a 19” 4U compute accelerator equipped with two drawers to support up to 16 PCIe x16 accelerator cards. Supported accelerators include the Intel® NervanaTM Neural Network Processor, Intel® FPGAs, GPGPU cards and cards supporting PCIe protocol. Data centers can choose among various solutions to accelerate and optimize their workloads.

Broadcom’s PEX88000 PCIe Gen4 Switch family doubles the bandwidth of PCIe Gen3 and provides high performance computing capability. On the other hand, innovative air cooling and mechanical designs of XC200G2 achieve optimal thermal performance.  

XC200G2 supports up to 4 server nodes with its disaggregated and modularized design to deliver flexible configurations. Various CPU-to-accelerator ratio can be defined by software based on application needs. Optionally, one of XC200G2 drawers can be replaced with one or two server nodes as an independent platform supporting eight accelerators. Data centers can therefore configure and scale each building block with flexibility.

“Wiwynn designs industry’s first PCIe Gen4 enabled compute accelerator for deep learning and HPC fields to scale compute clusters for higher performance and flexibility,” said Steven Lu, Vice President of Product Management at Wiwynn. “With Broadcom’s PEX88000 PCIe Gen4 Switch family, our XC200G2 can double the bandwidth and support a wide range of accelerators. It is the best-in-class solution for data center workload optimization with the latest compute acceleration solution.”

“Broadcom and Wywinn have a long collaboration history to design and build cloud storage and compute solution"  said Jas Tremblay, General Manager of Broadcom Data Center Solution Group. “It’s our pleasure to work with Wiwynn to accelerate the implementation of Broadcom PEX88000 PCIe Gen4 Switch family on Wiwynn’s innovative XC200G2 and offer increase performance for the fast-growing market of deep learning and HPC applications.”    

Wiwynn will reveal more details about the high performance PCIe Gen4 Compute Accelerator at the engineering workshop session of OCP US Summit on March 21th.  

About Wiwynn

Wiwynn is an innovative cloud IT infrastructure provider of high quality computing and storage products, plus rack solutions for leading data centers. We aggressively invest in next generation technologies for workload optimization and best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). As an OCP (Open Compute Project) solution provider and platinum member, Wiwynn actively participates in advanced computing and storage system designs while constantly implementing the benefits of OCP into traditional data centers.

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