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緯穎科技 ® WiRack19 系列

Efficiency = (MC)2  

                   = Manageability x Maintainability x Computing Power x Cost-Optimized

When setting up or upgrading data centers, administrators have to take into consideration how to manage, maintain, upgrade within limited budget and existing IT facilities including power consumption, cooling flow, and capacity usage. 

Look no further! Wiwynn® WiRack19 Series optimizes the data center manageability, maintainability, computing performance, and Total Cost Ownership with its best scale vs. efficiency solution from server to rack.


WiRack19 has : 

1. Manageability

WiRack19 has full remote control of server and switch power, and software defined network (SDN). Its open source API specification can be customized while retaining original management designs. By expanding WiRack19 as a hierarchical structure, administrators get more options to manage complex scale infrastructures easily.

2. Maintainability

With WiRack19, you can add, replace and upgrade step by step without interrupting ongoing services. Its modular design simplifies replacement within the rack. The entire WiRack19’s cabling is so vastly simplified, minimizing service downtime caused by operational errors to almost zero.

3. Computing Power

Each 1U space in WiRack19 has two SV5270G2 nodes, making it one of the highest density products. Powered with the Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 V3 processor and DDR4, SV5270G2 is your first choice for mighty computing power. SV5270G2 has six M.2 SSD modules that further enhance the I/O performance of application services extremely in need of cache or high IOPS.

4. Cost-Optimized

WiRack19’s centralized cooling system spells the difference in cooling efficiency while its hot-swap nodes and power supply units upscale reliability and cost effectiveness to a new height. Let WiRack19 build and upgrade your data center with minimal manpower in the shortest possible time.


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WiRack19 通用型伺服器

WiRack19 全閃儲存

WiRack19 儲存

OCP Mezzanine 網路卡

儲存用 PCIe 3.0 擴充卡

WiRack19 機櫃配件